During a live performance at the Yamaguchi Civic Hall last Monday, 10th October, OLDCODEX member and lyricist, as well as painter YORKE (pictured left), lost consciousness and then fell from the stage during the band’s encore performance.


The rocker was then rushed to the hospital where he underwent several tests, including a CT scan. There, it was found out that he suffered several injuries, including a concussion and a fractured rib, as well as several other injuries in his arms and legs because of the fall. He was also diagnosed with a contusion.

He has now regained consciousness and expressed that he really wants to perform again. However, as per doctor’s orders, he cannot do so just yet. As a result, the upcoming OLDCODEX concert which is supposed to be scheduled for this weekend at the Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hall has been delayed.

Fellow OLDCODEX member and seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki also apologised for the trouble and causing all their fans to be worried. As for YORKE himself, he talked about his harrowing experience and said that when he regained consciousness, he could comprehend the damage to his body from hitting the concrete hard. He will not forget the faces in the audience bursting into tears as the shocking scene played out before them, and he wants to perform again at Yamaguchi no matter what to change those tears into smiles. He then went on to thank his bandmate, Suzuki, for calming the audience down, as well as the staff for their quick response.

Source: ANN