Takarazuka City in Hyougo prefecture is home to the Osamu Tezuka Museum, which is dedicated to the late great mangaka who had created classics like Astro Boy and Black Jack. Back in 2012, they added a special exhibition for the mecha classic series, Evangelion, though there wasn’t really a crossover… until now.


The crossover includes artworks of Tezuka’s classic characters playing together with the Angels… which is definitely something you won’t see everyday! Evangelion Store’s Angel mascot, Yuzushito, is leading the charge, and is even doing Astro Boy’s iconic pose.


The crossover is done in celebration of the Evangelion Store’s 5th anniversary, and it includes a pop-up store called Tezu x Yuru, and it will be appearing at the Shinjuku Marui Annex from 2 – 15 Movember 2016. Mascots Leo (or Kimba the White Lion) and the 4th Angel will be greeting the customers.


Source: Evangelion official and Crunchyroll