Brace yourselves folks, the age of giant robots is nearing as the real-life robot fight between the United States’ Megabots and Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Kuratas from Japan has been set for next year.


This giant robot death match will also be aired on television, with Megabots already launching a 2-episode documentary series on their progress in the build-up for the mecha megafight with the Japanese Kuratas.

While the Americans seem confident, most fans are actually putting their bets on the Japanese, with some joking that by the time Suidobashi Heavy Industry have finished modifying the Kuratas for battle, the Americans would be facing a real Gundam.

But the aim of the battle ain’t just to see which robot is better, but also to sell and promote their respective companies, with Megabots aiming to sell robot kits worth US$750,000. The exact date of when the battle will take place is still a mystery, and we also still don’t know when the face-off will be taking place. So, which robot do you think will win?

Source: ANN