Skype is a wonderful piece of video chat technology which allows you to speak to people from far away, and it can now let you have a 3-minute chat with a seiyuu and/or idol.

Seiyuu/idol unit, i☆Ris, and idol unit, Sunmyu, will be having their members chat with fans through Skpe for three minutes… for a price.

With the help of Kimi Dake LIVE, interested fans have to sign up via twitter and try and earn as much hearts as possible in order to apply to have that 3-minute chat with the seiyuu/idol member of their choice.

5 Hearts are given when fans sign up, and they can also earn one heart each day. Fans can also but their own hearts at the cost of 100 yen per heart. This may prove costly though, as a meeting with any member of the seiyuu unit, i☆Ris, like Yuu Serizawa (Twin Star Exorcists’ Mayura Otomi and Actually, I Am’s Youko Shiragami) and Azuki Shibuya (PriPara’s Dorothy West) charge 100 hearts to try and chat with them. In contrast, members of the idol group, Sunmyu, only charge 35 hearts.

Fans chosen to have the chat will be notified three days before the chat with a ticket and a message from the singer. They can either talk with the idol of their choice or request a song for a private 3-minute Skype concert. Fans who enter but aren’t selected can still use their hearts to redeem special merchandise.

  • October 20: Misuzu Nishizono, Yayoi Kobayashi, Ayana Kinoshita (Sunmyu)
  • October 21: Miyu Kubota (i☆Ris)
  • October 22: Saki Yamakita, Himika Akaneya, Azuki Shibuya (i☆Ris)
  • October 24: Yuu Serizawa (i☆Ris)
  • October 26: Reika Hasegawa, Mami Noda, Sena Niihara (Sunmyu)
  • November 2: Yuuki Wakai (i☆Ris)

Source: ANN