Tenchi Muyo is back, as the classic harem anime is getting its fourth Ryo Ohki OVA, more than a decade after the third one was released. Now, MaidigiTV has started streaming the OVA’s very first PV, and it’s narrated by Tenchi himself, who is voiced by Masami Kikuchi.

A different version of the first PV was also released, and it focuses on Ryoko, who narrates the video. She is voiced by Ai Orikasa.

This will be the first Ryo Ohki anime in more than a decade. with the last OVA being released back in 2005. The OVA’s first part will be shipped as a Blu-ray disc, and it is scheduled for release on 30 November 2016.


The anime’s OP theme song, Tenchi Muyo!, will be performed by Serena Kozuki, who is also performing its ED song, which is titled Shake the DiCE. Series Creator, Masaki Kajishima, has also been credited as the character designer and over-all director, with AIC and C2C producing the animation.