Tohru Furuya is a respected veteran of the seiyuu industry, voicing legendary anime characters like Amuro Ray from the Gundam franchise, the original Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, and Pegasus Seiya from Saint Seiya. However, a little slip-up on twitter has gone on to mislead a few fans. The seiyuu tweeted:

Today’s Case Closed news is the Shuuichi Akai & Tohru Amuro Secret Archives and the Case Closed DVD Collection: Tohru Amuro Special Edition, both on sale November 28! I spoke with Shuuichi Ikeda [Shuuichi Akai’s voice actor] about everything from the movie (of course) to Scotch. ♪♪♪ You’ve gotta buy the Sekian cluster (^_^)v


The tweet was in regards to his role in Detective Conan as Tohru Amuro, and even though it seems harmless to some people, Furuya included, one must not simply underestimate the imagination of Japanese fans, as his tweet actually mislead them into thinking that he has been coupled with Shuuichi Ikeda. According to ANN:

Seems harmless enough — but the “Sekian” bit proved controversial. The term comes from combining the character 赤 (seki) with 安 (an); both characters are in Akai’s and Amuro’s names, so the term indicates both men. But combining characters in this way is also common practice among shippers (much like the symbol ×, or combining names a la “Brangelina”). The suggested couple rubbed some people the wrong way, and they duly complained.

Furuya quickly issued a new tweet in apology because of the misunderstanding.

The other day, a controversial announcement used a “couple” expression purely to abbreviate and fit the strict character limit. I have received e-mails pointing this out from saddened and displeased people. I’m sorry m(_ _)m I should just try harder with character numbers. I will refrain from this sort of expression from now on.

He later asked people to inform him if he slips up again, and thanked the people for pointing that out, even the ones who complained. But then again, seiyuu shipping aside, it seems that it really had rubbed some people the wrong way, given that many of the legendary seiyuu’s fans are a bit older than most of us.

Source: ANN