The new PlayStation VR has now been released around the world, and one of the virtual experiences and games released alongside it is Bandai Namco’s virtual concert, The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution. A Japanese gamer recently recounted the experience of going to that virtual concert using the PlayStation VR.

Twitter user and PS VR owner, @hasyaP, jumped, shouted, cheered, and waved his virtual glow sticks as he listened to a concert from the girls of the Cinderella Project. And it also seems like he had a great workout, burning tons of clories just with that virtual concert.

The virtual experience is getting rave reviews from other fans as well.

“I love that jumping technique!”
“Standing in the middle at the very front of the concert is like a dream come true!”
“It would be fun to be surrounded by so many people like this!”
“I was doing the calls along with the game without even knowing it!”
“Now I’ve tasted VR I love it and need it!”

However, most fans just try to look up the idols’ skirts, like this guy:

source: Rocket News 24