As October comes to a close soon, we are undoubtedly excited about the upcoming AFASG 2016.

One of the artistes that we are excited to see is the Princess of Ani-song, Konomi Suzuki, who will be rocking the stage at I Love Anisong concert at AFASG 2016!

Known for her amazingly strong vocals, Konomi Suzuki or Konomin, has been in the Anisong scene for more than 4 years. After winning the Animax All-Japan Anisong Grand Prix in 2011, she has rose as a star and have wowed everyone with her voice, singing the theme songs to anime such as No Game, No Life and the much more recent Rezero.

Her live performances are truly an amazing experience. Her voice just blows you away and the way she just rocks the stage is an amazing sight. Don’t believe me? Then you better check out her live performance at this year’s I love Anisong concert at AFASG 2016. If you can say that you weren’t blown away, you may just need to find a good Otorhinolaryngologist.

If you want to see Konomin up close and personal, then you best get ready to get the 3 day VIP package for this year’s I Love Anisong concert!

25, 26, 27 November 2016
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center