Age is just a number, and that much has been proven as popular cosplayer Otogi Nekomu, and her Oh My Goddess mangaka husband, Kousuke Fujishima, have proven recently as the couple had gotten married with a 31-year age gap. Now, another new couple is proving that age really is just a number, as 50-year-old anime director, Masami Oobari (Bubblegum Crisis, Fatal Fury, Super Robot Wars) marries 23-year-old GunPla modeler, Ritsu Togasaki.

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Both the bride and the groom posted photos from the ceremony in their respective twitter pages, and revealed that the ceremony took place in Okinawa.

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While Oobari is a famous anime director and mecha designer, Togasaki has become known as a popular GunPla modeler with plenty of followers. The bride has admitted she is a huge fan of the mecha genre, and this has led to her relationship with the popular director. In other words, the two developed a relationship because of their love of GIANT ROBOTS.

So to the new couple, we wish you a fruitful and successful marriage!

source: Rocket News 24