Its been 10 years since the first movie adaptation of the popular Death Note movie, featuring the duel between L and Light. The movie was so popular that it led to another 2 movies Death Note 2: The Last Name and L Change the World.

Well the real Death Note never did land into my hands, but the original production team has reunited once again to bring us Death Note Light Up the New World. And there are many other fans in Japan who were eagerly awaiting the return of the series because the film opened in the #1 spot on its premiering weekend.


Following a 10-year peace since the first Death Note murders and the subsequent deaths of mastermind Light/Kira and private detective L, the Shinigami again drops 6 Death Notes on Earth, and chaos ensue on a global scale.

This time it will be a three-way battle of wits between three new characters: Death Note Special Task Force’s lead investigator Mishima, L’s successor Ryuzaki, and cyber terrorist Shien. These three geniuses are played by rising young actors Masahiro Higashide, Sousuke Ikematsu, and Masaki Suda respectively. Returning to join the sequel are Erika Toda, who resumes her role as pop idol Misa Amane, and Shido Nakamura who voices one of the shinigami Ryuk.

We are definitely excited about catching this new movie so that we can once again catch up with Shinigami Ryuk and his craving for apples. The movie is set to be released in Singapore theatres on 10 Nov, so start planning a date with your loved one and friends.