Girls und Panzer is teaming up with Nissin Cup Ramen once again for a two special packs of cup ramen, and one might be very special for all you tank fans as it will come with a special fake tank ammo round, as well as an “ammo case”.


The set not only comes with a fake ammo round and ammo case, but also six limited edition Nissin x Girls und Panzer cup ramen, as well as a special poster featuring the characters in their Angler Fish Dance costumes. But be warned though, shipping this ramen set might get some complications in some countries like in Singapore, which has strict gun and ammo laws. You don’t want a customs officer eating your ramen if they find this in violation of the law, right? There’s also the fact that each case costs a whopping 32,184 yen, with only 2,500 sets being produced. Though on the bright side, that ammo round does hold up to three cups of ramen…


But if you want your ramen to get through customs without any hassle, or are a bit short on cash and can’t afford that 32,184 yen price tag, you can opt for the normal 20-cup box, which holds a lot more ramen minus the poster, ammo case, and fake ammo shell. It costs a mere 5,378 yen, and it won’t get you in trouble with your local customs officer. It also comes with six clear files so it’s a win-win, right?


Both sets are now on sale, as they were released last 14 November 2016.

source: Nissin official