When non-I.T. people encounter terms like FIFO, DRAM, DBMS, CPU, GPU, LIFO, and SRAM, they often scratch their heads and wonder what the heck they are. But no worry folks, Japan has turned these I.T. terms into moe anime girls to help educate people about what they are.


Kantaim Collection increased awareness for a piece of history called World War II, and Touken Ranbu got some people interested in Japanese history. Now, author Hiroshi Okajima is seeking to do the same with IT infrastructure and terminology, in a book called “Let’s Learn with Anthropomorphisms! IT Infrastructure”. It follows the Systers,  a group of fairies who live inside your IT devices and make them work. Meet (Clockwise from top left) FIFO, DRAM, DBMS, CPU, GPU, LIFO, and SRAM.


Okajima has said that he hopes to make people understand how their computers, smartphones, or tablets work through these anthropomorphic moe anime girls, and be more forgiving if their systems are running a bit slow.

The book will go on sale on 17th November and will cost 2,138 yen.

Source: Rocket news 24