Seiyuu Inori Minase is enjoying the height of her career, as she is voicing plenty of popular characters like Re:Zero’s Rem, Danmachi’s Hestia, and Is the Order a Rabbot?’s Chino Kafuu. She also has plenty of appearances and events, however, several of them were recently cancelled after the seiyuu got death threats from Taiwan.


Minase was supposed to perform at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan on 3rd December, however, a death threat surfaced, which prompted Sony Music Artists and King Records to cancel not only her Taiwan trip, but also her other appearances in Japan.

According to a report by Yahoo! Japan, the one who made the threat was a 19-year old Taiwanese man, who was later caught by police after Minase and her staff sought help from local authorities. The suspect admitted that what he posted was a mere prank, and he did not foresee that it would escalate to it being this serious.

However, even if it was only intended as a mere prank, Japanese talent agencies would tend to take these sort of threats very seriously, as several incidents have occurred already, including earlier this year, when idol Mayu Tomita was stabbed by a stalker.

source: Yahoo!