Sailor Moon appeals to young women across the world, and that is why Naoko Takeuchi’s classic magical girl series has partnered up with Japan’s own Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to spread the awareness for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and diseases (STD) like syphilis, chlamydia and HIV.


In recent years, the STI known as syphilis has been on the rise among young females. To spread awareness, it’s Sailor Moon to the rescue! The campaign even has the full support of series creator, Naoko Takeuchi.


About 5,000 posters and 156,000 flyers will be distributed, but the real highlight is the distribution of 56,000 condom packs, all featuring Sailor Moon herself!


So yeah, that’s one way to help fight the spread of disease… in the name of the Moon of course

Source:  Live Door News