It’s that time of season again, and as the admirals brace themselves for more ship slot sacrifices and resource draining, Kantai Collection has added a total of FOUR new ship girls for the new Fall 2016 event, also known as the Proclamation! Fleet Strategy Plan #3! The new ships are:

US Aircraft Carrier Saratoga (E-5 clear reward)


French Seaplane Tender Admiral Teste (E-3 clear reward)


Destroyer Yamakaze (random drop)


Destroyer Asakaze (random drop)


There will be a total of five maps, and clearing the entire event, up to E-5, will get you KanColle’s first American carrier, Saratoga. However, if you are into French (or as some KanColle fans have joked) or toothpaste, clearing E-3 would get you the game’s very first French ship, Admiral Teste. Meanwhile, the two new destroyers are said to be random drops, with Yamakaze being confirmed to drop in E-2 and E-3 maps.

The game also adds a slew of French and American aircraft as new equipment, some of which are rewards for clearing several maps in certain difficulties. Like the previous events, land-based aircraft are in play, along with ship locking, so be careful about your ship selections, because some of them might be needed in certain maps.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have battles to win!