A week ago, the AFA Facebook page teased a new event, Anisong Fantasy Live vol. 1, set to take place in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2017. Tonight at AFA’s flagship concert, I Love Anisong, the lineup for the first volume of Anisong Fantasy Live was announced and it is an amazing lineup!!


Who can we expect to appear? Its definitely a list of A-List anisong artist who will be performing at this all new music series.


  • Aimer


  • Kalafina

  • Alisa Takigawa


  • Haruna Luna

This amazing lineup would first be performing in Hong Kong on 10 Mar 2017, then following by Singapore on 18 Mar 2017. Our writers are so excited about this that I’ve heard one of them will be flying back from Japan just for this event!

So who would you be most looking forward for this new anisong experience? Would it be the beautiful vocalists Hikaru, Keiko and Wakana from Kalafina or the kawaii and energetic Haruna Luna?

You can purchase VIP tickets to the Singapore leg exclusively at the Anisong Fantasy Live booth at AFASG16 tomorrow and Sunday!

Online sales for VIP, if any left, and GA tickets will begin November 28th, 10am on the APACTix.

Head on here: http://anisongfantasy.com/

Hong Kong ticketing details to be announced!