Four Mahjong powerhouses are set to face-off in the live-action adaptation of Ritz Kobayashi’s Mahjong manga, Saki. The production team has released not one, not two, but four new poster visuals for the project, which includes a short TV series, a TV special, and a live-action movie.

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Hiroyuki Ishikawa and Yuuichi Onuma are co-directing this live-action project. You can check out the cast in costume, together with their counterparts from Kobayashi’s manga here:

The revealed cast will be for the TV show, TV special, and movie, which means they will be together for all three works. The TV series will consist of four episodes, and will start the project off on 4th December. The TV special will then be aired on January 8, 2017, before the movie premieres in February 2017.

Source: Mantan