your name. is possibly Japan’s biggest hit for 2016, and its director, Makoto Shinkai, is getting awards, recognition, and accolades left and right, including Nikkei Entertainment magazine’s “Hit Maker of the Year 2016” Grand Prix award. During the commemoration ceremony, the renowned anime director didn’t just talk about the success of your name., but also his next upcoming film.

Because of his bust schedule, the director revealed that “I am still spending days for the promotional activities (for Kimi no Na wa.), though it is almost the time that I should start working for a next film normally,” and then added “Nothing has been decided yet, but in order to release my next film in three years, I have to write the proposal and screenplay by the end of this year, so I am in a haste. For the next one or two months, I will strain my ears and open my eyes wide to understand what the audience want.”

As for your name.’s success, he said that  “I never expected the film would do so well in Japan. I am impressed by the fact over 10 million people have gone to theaters.”

He also talked about his comparisons with the great hayao Miyazaki by saying “Putting me on the same level with Hayao Miyazaki is overestimating. I can’t be like him. He has his own way of directing only he can. I felt so again when I watched Porco Rosso last night.” and added  “I need to keep making films, because I have chosen animation director as my job. I have no choice but to aim for a different thing. Miyazaki has Joe Hisaishi as the composer for his films. Like collaboration works with RADWIMPS, I have to make films based on upbeat music. I don’t think it is possible to catch up with a great person like him if I go the same direction.”

Source: Crunchyroll