When they say that Mr. Osomatsu is everywhere in Japan, they ain’t kidding, as the sextuplets find themselves in the fast-pace world of horse racing, thanks to a collaboration between the TV anime series and the Japan Racing Association (JRA). This has led to a Mr. Osomatsu TV special, as well as a 6-episode net anime, which are tie-ups with the Japanese horseracing league.


They announced that the TV special is slated to be aired on 13th December at 1:00 a.m. Japanese Standard Time). While the TV special is slated for December, the net anime is now available online, via YouTube.

The collaboration will also include events at the Tokyo Racecourse from 30th October to 27th November, and at the Nakayama Racecourse from 3 – 18 December 2016.

source: ANN