March comes in Like a Lion is steadily proving to be one of this year’s best anime, with an engaging story and colorful characters. It is also proving why Chica Umino’s manga won all those awards! But did you know that some of the settings in the anime can also be found in real life?

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The anime is set mostly in Tokyo, and in particular, the areas around Chuo Ward, including the Sumina River and the Shinkawa residential area where Rei’s apartment is supposed to be. Other areas featured in the anime include Takabashi Bridge and the world-famous Tokyo Station. Also featured are Sendagaya Station in Shibuya and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

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Another area of interest would be Green Mall Street and Hatanomori Shrine. The competitions Rei participates in are also usually held in the Japanese Shogi Association’s Shogi Hall.

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As mentioned earlier, many of the anime’s scenes happen in Chuo Ward, and here is the Tsukishima Area, a Small Inari shrine in the Tsukuda area, Tsukuda Bridge, Chuo Bridge, and many other locations around the ward.

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So if you’re ever in  Japan and are a big fan of Chica Umino’s award-winning manga, as well as its anime adaptation, why not stop by these areas and see the things from Rei’s world?

source: Crunchyroll