The voice acting industry in Japan is tough, and it is proven as 26-year-old seiyuu, Arisa Nishiguchi announces her retirement from acting. After a short career in the industry, she stated in her blog that she has left her agency, Across Entertainment, and has now retired from doing any acting work.


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“The truth is, until now I haven’t persisted in getting my way,” she explained. “I admired the shining world in front of me, how it was overflowing with fun, and said “yes” as much as possible. But I saw my colleagues’ passion and repeatedly questioned myself. After several years of thought, this is the conclusion I came to.”

She apologised about her sudden retirement announcement, and also thanked her followers. She also thanked and apologized to her company president, manager, and everyone in production.”When I was in elementary school I dreamed of the world of manga and anime,” she added. “I feel like that dream will go on forever. It was a world overflowing with energy.”

Her most famous role was as Quele Sellier in the ecchi anime, So I Can’t Play with H but her other roles include Magica Wars’ Oage-san and Niji-Iro Prism Girl’s Nijika.

source: ANN