Getting an anime often means you reach a wider audience, often going on to get global recognition. That is exactly what Aoshima Megu is seeking, as Shima City’s cute-yet-controversial Ama Diver mascot is asking, as a crowd funding effort has recently surfaced on the crowd-funding project website, Makuake.


The project aims to raise 4 million yen in order to make an animated short promotional video, and they are rewarding those who pledged a few goodies, including digital downloads of the anime PV, drawings, clear file posters, and 1/6 scale mini-bust statues of Aoshima Megu.


The mascot character gained notoriety among anime fans, as she was supposed to be Shima city’s official mascot character. However, her design received complaints from several “concerned citizens”, resulting the city to withdraw their support as making her their official mascot character.

Source: Crunchyroll