Love Live! Sunshine!! is organizing global elections to determine which AQOURS memeber will be serving as the poster girl for nine different countries. These countries include Singapore and Thailand, as well as USA, UK, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and Germany.


Fans will get to vote for which member to represent their country from 18 November until 18 December, and the member each country chose will become the official image girl for that country. Voting will be done in an official voting page, which will open on election day. Here is an example of how to vote:

■How to vote
Choose a member for each of the nine regions.

*You cannot choose the same member more than once.
*Please note that the voting system allows you to vote twice for the same member, but your vote will be invalid and will not be counted.

・Australia … Chika Takami
・China … Riko Sakurauchi
・Germany … Kanan Matsuura
・Korea … Dia Kurosawa
・Singapore … You Watanabe
・Taiwan … Yoshiko Tsushima
・Thailand … Hanamaru Kunikida
・UK … Mari Ohara
・USA … Ruby Kurosawa

We will list the combination of regions and members by the number of votes to decide who gets assigned to the region!

◎Voting results
・1st Australia × Chika Takami
・2nd China × Chika Takami
・3rd China × Riko Sakurauchi

In this case…

・Australia … Chika Takami
・China … Riko Sakurauchi

Fans from other countries, not included in the nine listed, can also vote, however, the AQOURS members they voted for cannot represent their home country. Voting page is here: