The voice acting profession is treated quite differently in Japan, as people treat seiyuu like they treat idols. Some seiyuu are insanely popular, while others are really in demand, and that’s not only for voice acting work. Now, TV Asahi will be bringing 200 of the most popular ones, and will be making them face-off with one another!

TV Asahi producer Keisuke Higuchi tweeted about the announcement. He then revealed that the program will be a TV special titled “Ninki Seiyuu 200-nin ga Honki de Eranda! Seiyuu Sousenkyo! 3-jikan SP“.

However, Higuchi did not announce further details about the program. Among these include which seiyuu are participating in the popularity contest. So, which seiyuu will be joining the show? They did conform that there will be 200 of them, and that would be a lot! As of writing, we still don’t know whether voting is taking place beforehand or during the course of the program.

However, we do know that the TV Asashi will be airing the TV special on 9 January 2017. We also know that actor and singer Kanji Ishimaru will be the show’s presenter, and Megumi Aoyama and Ayaka Hironaka will be the show’s hosts. They also confirmed that comedy duo Bakushou Mondai and singer and entertainer Eiji Wentz will be performing in the special.

source: Nijimen