Pokemon is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, and they have special plans for the franchise’s 20th film. Because during the Japanese variety show, Oha Suta, they revealed a new teaser trailer for that very film. And yes, because this is the 20th film and all, it’s a throwback to the TV anime’s very first episode.

The video features backgrounds which tease Pallet Town. Furthermore, they featured Ash in his original design, as he’s about to begin his loss-filled journey to be a Pokemon Master. The 20th film is titled Pokemon, I Choose You!”, and as many long-time Pokefans can attest to, it’s also the same title as the very first episode of the TV anime.

The program also revealed the upcoming film’s visual, however, it feels a bit different from the teaser video. The video seems like a throwback to the original TV anime. This contrasts with the visual, as it features Ash and Pikachu in what seems to be Alola. However, there is one common thing with the original episode, and that is Ho-oh.

The legendary Pokemon is the very first legendary Pokemon Ash has encountered, and it has never appeared in any other episode or film ever since the first episode. The appearance of Ho-oh, as well as the throwback teaser, has made fans wonder what the film will be about.

The film will premiere on 15 July 2017. It has been a tradition that new Pokemon movies be announced every December and then screened in July.

source: serebii.net