There are a lot of personality quizzes out there in the internet, and many people take them. Surprisingly enough, a lot of celebrities also take them, including Aya Hirano. The ever-controversial seiyuu took a quiz titled “what character [they] would be if [they] were voice actors”. She then posted the results via twitter, and sure enough, the results were interesting.

The results found that Hirano might be suited to voice a “singing and dancing idol” character. Based on Hirano’s personality, the results also said that “You are a normal girl at a glance, but you might be suited to be a ‘singing and dancing idol’ character! Your audience obsessed with your dances and songs will go out again and again, and when you have a concert, tickets become a total competition!”

So, Aya-chan in an idol anime?! The seiyuu talked about the results, and said that “Idol, huh…. I wonder if I should try to do my best one more time….. lol If I do, I’d say I want to try performing live.”

But then again, this is Aya Hirano we are talking about. In other words, she is a god named Haruhi herself. She’s done plenty of lives before, has even done a lot of sold-out concerts, so it’s pretty safe to say that she’s just joking about performing as an idol.

Hirano recently came back from her hiatus to study in New York. The seiyuu is now back in japan and ready to resume her career. After posting the results of the online personality quiz, she reassured fans that she will remain a seiyuu.  She said, “Being able to do voice actress work now is my number one happiness.”

Source: ANN