The February 2017 edition of Jump Square magazine has revealed that the upcoming Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Arc anime is getting an OVA. The upcoming February issue will hit the shelves in Japan on 31st December.

The limited edition version of Volume 18 of Kazue Kato’s manga will be bundling the OVA, which will be released in DVD format. The issue also revealed new details of the anime’s home video release. The magazine announcement also revealed that the TV anime’s Blu-ray/DVD volume 1 release will be on 8th March.

And speaking of Jump Square, the magazine also featured Blue Exorcist in its cover. It also featured a color spread for the manga as well.

As for Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Arc, the TV anime will premiere on 6 January 2017. It will be adapting the manga’s Kyoto Impure King Arc.

source: @YonkouProd