The Jump Festa 2016 event has revealed that there is a new Yu-Gi-Oh anime coming in spring 2017. The newly-announced anime is the 6th anime in the trading card game franchise. The event also revealed the anime’s latest protagonist. And as expected, he even has that ridiculous Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist hair!

His name is Yuusaku Fujiki, and the hair pretty much gives away that he’s a Yu-Gi-Oh main character. They describe him as a person who does not like to stand out, and he actually doesn’t. However, with that hair, how couldn’t he? But then again, this is Yu-Gi-Oh we are talking about.

They also announced the new anime’s theme, which is “Let’s take one step forward and try it!” And because Yuusaku Fujiki does not like to stand out, the anime will be following him as he starts playing the game and meeting other people, and actually moves forward.

 Source: Cinema Today