The iconic Shibuya Parco department store has been around since 1973. Because of this, the building’s structures are now getting old and need to be replaced. To deal with the aging structure, the building is currently going renovation. However, just before the old Shibuya Parco closed its doors, several animators from Studio Trigger managed to make a mural inside its walls back in August. Now, a new video of how they did that mural has surfaced.

The mural featured several Studio Trigger favorites, from Kill la Kill to Ninja Slayer to Little Witch Academia. Hey, they even have some Pokemon mixed up in there! Can you spot the Poliwag? Here’s the final result:

The Studio Trigger animators made that mural for 10 days, and is part of the old Shibuya Parco’s “memorial parade”. Fans held the event in honor of the old department store, which will rise again in 2019.