This year, happening at Makuhari Messe, is Jump Festival 2017!

What is Jump Festival?

As many of you might know, “Weekly Shounen Jump” is a well-known manga magazine published by Shueisha in Japan, as part of it’s “Jump” line of magazine. With it’s first issue released in 1968, Jump is also the longest-running having sold over a million copies each year. Jump Festival is an annual event sponsored by Shueisha to celebrate Shounen Jump’s achievements, as well as being a place where everyone will get to interact with their heroes.

That being said, what do you get to see at Jump Festival? A huge showcase by different companies, character goods, a lot of stage events and a huge crowd.

Everyone is excited to get into the event hall, lets go!

The entrance is well divided into two ways: One for the Official goods line and the other for the Showcase booth areas. The queue is well organised, the official goods queue even lets you know the average queuing time before you try to get in line. If you are not sure about what is being sold, or already sold-out, you can always check the official website where they would update you live.

That aside, let us take it easy and walk into the showcase booth line. Deku from “Boku no Hero Academia” gives us a warm welcome.

As we enter the event hall, Koro-sensei from Ansatsu Kyoshitsu stands tall and strong at the doorstep. There are also many other huge balloon showcases for everyone to take pictures with, these include Deku, Goku (Dragonball), Yuuya (Yugioh Arc-V) and Hinata (Haikyuu-!!).

You can definitely take a picture with all of them!

Lets move on and check the other booths in the event hall.

Using halls one to eight of Makuhari Messe, there is definitely a lot of showcases for all of you.

How can we miss out on the games right? There are many game showcases, many of which you can jump into the queue to try all of them out. How many of you are familiar with these games?

If you are tired of walking around, you can always check out the stage talks. The event has both mini stage event talks and also the “SUPER STAGE” event area. The stage area is extremely crowded and you can barely fit into the front. The stage has panels for famous titles like “Kuroko no Basuke”, “Gintama”, “Haikyuu-!!” and “One Piece”. Your favourite Seiyuus (Voice Actors) might be on stage!

If you come here next year, remember to queue early and save yourself a spot for these entertaining sections.

We wouldn’t miss out on food, would we? There is definitely collaboration food prepared for all the hungry eventers. You will be surprised which one was sold out first, it was Gintama’s collaboration food.

Did you enjoy our event review? What other events that you would like to see in the future?

Let us know in the comments section!