If you watch a lot of anime, you would know that there are a lot of series that basically have the same stories. Sometimes, there are scenarios which have become all too common, and fans are getting sick of them.

Japanese student portal, Student MyNavi, recently polled 269 college students (129 male and 140 female). They chose students who regularly watch anime or read manga and asked them which were the common anime scenarios they were most tired of seeing. With Makoto Shinkai’s your name. becoming a huge hit, the #1 is a bit surprising.

1) Body Swapping

While Body Swapping really is one of the central themes in your name., the trope is actually quite common in anime. Several other anime also used the scenario, including Birdy the Mighty and Kokoro Connect. One female voter even said “You know what’s going to happen,” and seems that she doesn’t want to sit through another anime with it as a theme.

2) Time Travel

The time travel trope is not only common throughout Japanese animation, but throughout fiction itself. And yes folks, your name also featured this trope as one of its themes. Time Travel is actually quite intriguing. It has been featured from Doraemon to Dragon Ball to Re:Zero, many fans have felt that the scenario has been used too much.

3) Harems

Admit it, when you saw the title, you saw this one coming! Many people have grown tired of too much harem anime already. One voter even lamented that “They’re almost all exactly the same,” and that’s how many viewers see the genre.

4) Alternate world stories

These days, alternate world anime have become really common. Like Time Travel, this applies not only to Japanese animation, but fiction in its entirety. One voter said that “They’re boring, since you know what’s going to happen next,” while another added that “Eventually some god-like being makes an appearance, and that just spoils the fun.”

5) Bringing characters back from the dead

The Aegis Gundam just locked itself into the Strike Gundam and then exploded, surely that Kira Yamato guy died, right? NOPE. The Freedom Gundam was just stabbed in the cockpit by the Impulse Gundam, surely Kira Yamato has finally met his end, right? NOPE. The fact that Kira Yamato has come back from the dead on more than one occasion has already resulted in fans nicknaming him “Jesus Yamato”, for always “rising up from the grave”. This scenario is quite common in anime, and clearly, fans are also tired of it. Of course, you could also count Dragon Ball’s Krillin and Yamcha.

Source: Rocket News 24