Last month, Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin IV: Eve of Destiny premiered in Japanese theaters, and it not only concluded the origin story of Char and Sayla, but also showed two new PVs concerning the upcoming arc focusing of the Battle of Loum. Now, has started streaming both videos, and they come with English, Chinese (Simplified, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong), French, and Korean subtitles.

“Drama Version”

“Mecha Version”

They also announced that part 5 of the film series, which is titled  “Clash at Loum”. It will be premiering in autumn 2017, and will be followed by part 6, which is slated for 2018, and is titled “Rise of the Red Comet.”

It was previously revealed that after Char and Sayla’s origin story ends, a new one will begin, and it will follow the Battle of Loum arc, which is a battle which takes place during the early days of the One Year War, before the events of the original 1979 anime. The Battle of Loum takes place in Side 5, also known as Loum, and this is the very battle where Zeon’s ace mobile suit pilots like Char, Johnny Ridden, Shin Matsunaga, and the Black Tri-Stars made a name for themselves.