Buddhist altars in Japan, called Butsudan, often hold special meanings to many Japanese homes. Inside the butsudan, you’ll usually find ashes of the family’s ancestors, as well as religious paraphernalia for offering incense and prayers to the spirits of the departed.

And now, because this is Japan we are talking about, they are turning these Butsudan into moe anthropomorphic girls!

Kanagawa Prefecture-based company Kadoi Butsuguten is selling Butsudan, and to appeal to people, they one into an anthropomorphic anime girl. Deciding to give Butsudan a modern twist, they asked various artists to illustrate their new mascot. After reviewing 51 submissions, they have finally decided on the winning design.

Illustrated by Ina, the new character is said to have plenty of things in common with Butsudan. The artist also got a 300,000 yen reward for his winning entry. Kadoi Butsuguten hopes that the character will help to boost interest in butsudan among young people in Japan, who are leading more secular lifestyles than generations past.

source: Rocket News 24