The recent Fall 2016 event for DMM’s hit PC browser game, Kantai Collection, has officially ended. As the game enters the Christmas season, new Christmas outfits have been released for the ship girls, together with new additions and furniture. I recently decked out my own Admiral’s office with the new Christmas add-ons, and the new French ship, Commandant Teste also got her own Christmas make-over.

A total of six ship girls got their own Christmas costumes, including Commandant Teste. These six ship girls are:

Commandant Teste (French Seaplane Tender)

Light Cruiser Kuma

Repair Ship Akashi and Akashi Kai

Submarine Maruyu

Aviation Cruiser Tone Kai Ni

Aviation Cruiser Chikuma Kai Ni

The ship girls who got their Christmas costumes last year are also getting their Christmas costumes back this year. However, unlike many seasonal changes, the ever-grumpy Akebono is not getting a Christmas costume this season. Instead, her Kai form has gotten an updated look, and yes, she still looks grumpy. Akebono usually gets a new seasonal costume every time there is an update, so Kuso Teitoku!

Though Akebono Kai looks a lot better than her previous artwork, right? The staff also added new furniture and Christmas voice lines, as well as a few minor adjustments. The new update also implements new jet planes for the carriers.

source: KanColle Wikia