The winter 2017 anime season is shaping up to be a big one, as one of the biggest names in anime is returning next season, which is the latest Gintama TV anime. TV Tokyo’s official website for the Gintama TV anime has revealed its latest key visual, and it features the members of Yorozuya.


The website also revealed the anime’s staff, lead by director Chizuru Miyawaki, who previously directed the fourth Gintama TV anime series, with Shinji Takeuchi returning as the character designer. Nami Maniwa and Takayoshi Fukushima are returning as art directors, with Ritsuko Utagawa returning for the anime’s color design. Yuki Teramoto returns as the director of photography, with Tomomi Suzuki also returning as the CGI director. Yoichi Fujita, who helmed the first three Gintama TV anime, as well as Gintama: The Movie, will be returning to supervise the production.

The anime’s OP song is titled “Kagerou”, and it will be performed by the 4-member girl band, ЯeaL. Meanwhile, the ED song will be performed by RIZE (Shion no Oh), and it will be titled “Silver”. The new anime is scheduled to make its premiere on 9 January 2017.

Source: ANN