The upcoming January 2017 edition of Ultra Jump magazine has revealed new details regarding Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s 30th anniversary celebrations. One of the biggest news include the announcement of the live-action adaptation’s premiere date.

According to the early look at Ultra Jump’s January 2017 edition, the live-action film will premiere on 4 August 2017. Kento Yamazaki will be playing Jousuke Higashitaka, the fourth Jojo for the film. Meanwhile, Rurouni Kenshin actor, Yusuke Iseya, will be playing the third Jojo, Jotaro Kujo. It was previously revealed that the movie will be based on part 4, “Diamond is Unbreakable”.

And speaking of Part IV, they are also launching a new smartphone game for 2017 titled “Diamond Records”. The magazine will also reveal that the manga has sold more than 100 million copies to date. Also revealed is a re-release of Part 7, which is titled Steel Ball Run. The magazine also unveiled the cover of Jojolion Volume 14.

Hirohiko Araki first launched the manga back in 1 January 1987, and 30 years on, it’s still going strong. Through all these years, the manga has enjoyed a strong and loyal fanbase, not only in Japan, but also abroad. Because of this, the franchise has spawned plenty of other adaptations, from video games to films. The series has also spawned a meme featuring its main antagonist, Dio Brando. Oh, you thought he wouldn’t appear here? But it is I, Dio… you get the point.

source: @YonkouProd via Crunchyroll