Pokemon GO might be losing a bit of its popularity in the past couple of weeks. However, they seem to be poised in making people go back to catching Pokemon, as a huge December update is being hinted, and it might be adding some huge additions.


Fans who use the game’s PokeVS web scanner feature have found a code which hinted that a huge update may be coming in December. It was implied in that very code that the update will be handing out a ton of additions, the biggest of which are new species additions like Mew and Mewtwo, as well as approximately 100 Pokemon from Generation 2, which were first introduced during the Gold and Silver games.

Also hinted are Trading and PVP battles, as well as “Tamagotchi-style Pokemon Raising” aspects. As for the developers themselves, Niantic has neither confirmed nor denied that a major update will be happening this December, so we may see those updates mentioned above being released bit by bit and not on just one huge update. But then again, a huge update with new features might get a lot of players to return to their journey as a Pokemon master…

Source: Crunchyroll