Niantic recently revealed new details on their latest Pokemon update, which new additions to gym battles. In their official website, the Pokemon GO developer revealed that the changes include:

  • Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time to Professor Willow. To use this function, press and hold on a Pokémon.
  • Pokémon type icons have been added to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen.
  • The total Candy count for your Buddy Pokémon has been added to the buddy information screen.
  • The total kilometers a buddy has walked has been added to the information screen of each Pokémon that has ever been your buddy.
  • Minor text fixes.

The new update will be for the version 0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS devices, and was updated last 6 December.

There is also a rumor that over 100 Gen-2 Pokemon are joining the game. This follows a data leak from Starbucks which prompted Niantic to announce that they are revealing more details on 12th December. It seems like Data Miners to have found a code for over 100 Gen-2 Pokemon from the Gold and Silver games.

Meanwhile, the Starbucks leak also revealed that the international coffee chain will be partnering with Niantic. This includes turning various US coffee shops PokeStops or Pokemon Gyms. Starbucks is also planning a special Pokemon Frappuccino as part of the promotional partnership.