Overlord is getting two compilation films, and the movies are currently looking for aspiring seiyuu who can do part-time voice acting just for the two films!


These part-timers will work for one day and receive 30,000 yen compensation plus transportation allowance. They will also get valuable experience in the industry, as they will be working with several industry veterans, and will also be offered valuable advice from their seniors. No experience in voice acting is required, but they will get on-site acting coaching, provided before the recording.

The chosen part-timers will also be credited in the Overlord: The Undead King and / or Overlord: The Dark Warrior films. Undead King premieres on 25 February 2017, while Dark Warrior premieres on 11 March 2017.

Both films will be featuring the events from the previous TV anime.

To apply, head over to Jobseeker site, Town Work.

source: Town Work