After conquering Singapore during AFA, as well as the Guinness Book of World Records, Piko Taro is back!

Kousaka Daimaou’s lovable character has made various appearances in Japanese media, and many of those appearances offer a different version of PPAP. This one is called PLLP, and it means Pen-Lemon-Lemon-Pen.

He even gets a lemon squirt in his eye! It seems like that stung him in the eye a little, right?

In this version, which is called the “UHA M牛牛S version”, Piko Taro sings PPAP for milk-based candy, UHA Mikakuto. This version uses the words  gyunyu, niunai, and susu, which means milk in Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian respectively, and this is to highlight the candy’s milk flavour.

Next up, renowned idol up, renowned idol group, Nogizaka46, joins Piko Taro for what is called CCCP. This PPAP version “Can-Cam-Can-Pen”, and it is part of the idol group’s “Can Cam Campaign for the Japanese magazine, Can Cam.

And finally, we saved the weirdest one for last! This time, he has a bin (bottle), a kanabun (drone beetle), and an ebi (prawn), and it gets weirder from there.

The lyrics for this much-weirder version of PPAP are:

“I have a bottle, I have a beetle – ugh – beetle in bottle

I have a bottle, I have a prawn – ugh – prawn in bottle

Beetle in bottle, prawn in bottle

Ugh Beetle buzzed (away) but the prawn’s in the bottle

 Beetle in bottle … Again!”

Oh Piko Taro, what sort of crazy lyrics would you think of next?!

Source: Rocket News 24

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