The “Wake Up, Girls! Festa 2016 Super Live” event has announced some very big news for all you idol anime fans, as they have revealed that Wake Up, Girls is getting a brand new TV anime! The new TV anime is slated to be aired in 2017, and they even revealed a new teaser video:

The original six members of the Wake Up, Girls! will be returning together with their respective seiyuu. However, things look a bit different as far as the teaser is concerned. This is because the new anime has found a new home, as well as a new director. Millepensee is taking over the animation production for Ordet, while Shin Itagaki is taking over for Yutaka Yamamoto as the new director. The anime also has a new character designer in Miyuki Sugawara. The change in character design is evident in the new anime’s visual, as well as the teaser PV.

Now that’s a lot of changes! They are also adding new characters for this new anime, and are even holding auditions. The so-called “Wake Up, Girls! Audition” will aim to find new seiyuu to voice the new characters. They also released a new poster which features the silhouettes of three characters. Now who could they possibly be?

Source: Animate Times