We can’t wait to dive our noses into these latest series that 2017 has to offer. The year 2017 will be the year for Boruto to shine, and the year when Deku and friends returns in Boku no Hero Academia. It will also be the year for the Sohoku Cycling Team, Yorozuya gang, and the Okumura brothers to re-emerge.

Without further adieu, here are some of series for winter 2017:

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon

Airing:12 Feb 2017
Stars: Yuuki Kuwahara, Mutsumi Tamura
Kobayashi-san (CV:Mutsumi Tamura) is an OL who lives a monotonous life. One day, she help saved Tohru(CV:Yuuki Kuwahara), a female dragon. As a token of her gratitude, Tohru decided to do anything for Kobayashi-san with or without her consent. Things have never been the same again for Kobayashi-san.
Why would i watch this? From the people who brought you Free! , Hibike Euphonium, and Tamako Love Story comes a series about a girl, Kobayashi-san, who just have a (mis)fortune of helping a hapless dragon. What awaits our little miss is a dose of hilarity and a pound of comedy. Watch what happens to Kobayashi-san and her daily struggles to continue on living a normal life despite this (un)fortunate incident.
Watch this if you like: Servant x Service, Kobato., Servamp( in a not shounen manga way)

Masamune-kun no Revenge

Date Airing: 5 Jan 2017
Stars: Natsuki Hanae, Ayaka Ohashi, Inori Minase, Suzuko Mimori
Summary: Makabe Masamune (CV: Natsuki Hanae) had a rough childhood. He was constantly teased for being overweight and bullied by a girl named Adagaki Aki (CV:Ayaka Ohashi). He resolved that one day he would lose his weight and seek vengeance on Aki. Now that fateful day has come, Masamune quietly turned his life around. He’s now an athletic guy and a top student in his class. He transfers to Aki’s school in hopes to find Aki and exact his revenge. However, he was unrecognized by Aki. How will Masamune plan for his revenge? Will revenge be bittersweet or will it turn sour?
Why would I watch this? Well, this is the case of the bully and the bullied who turned his life around to exact a revenge. As simple as it may sound, our interest piqued on how  Masamune will rise up and turn the tides against his bully. Will he stand triumphant or will he back off from his plan of revenge? Only Masamune knows.
Watch this if you like: Watashi ga Motete Dou suru ga

We would also want to catch:
The Okumura Brothers, Rin and Yukio (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto and Jun Fukuyama) as they fight against the demons in:

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
Airing on 7 Jan 2017

And check on how amateur cyclist Onoda Sakamichi (CV: Daisuke Yamashita) is faring now on:

Yowamushi Pedal: NEW GENERATION
Airing on 10 Jan 2017

And the return of Yorozuya-gang, Gintoki Sakata (CV:Tomokazu Sugita), Kagura (CV: Rie Kugimiya), Shinpachi Shimura (CV:Daisuke Sakaguchi)  in :

Airing on 9 Jan 2017

If you’re still unsure what you should watch this winter 2017, here’s what 10,000 people have to say:

  1. Gintama
  2. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
  3. Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
  4. Fate/Grand Order: First Order
  5. Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation
  6. Demi-chan wa Kataritai
  7. Tales of Zestiria the X 2
  8. Rewrite
  9. Kuzu no Honkai
  10. ēlDLIVE
  11. Hand Shakers
  12. ACCA 13-Ku Kansatsu-Ka
  13. Masamune-kun no Revenge
  14. SCHOOLGIRL STRIKERS Animation Channel
  15. Idol Jihen
  16. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon
  17. Gabriel Dropout
  18. BanG Dream!
  19. Chaos;Child
  20. Granblue Fantasy the Animation

Happy Holidays!
We wish you all pleasant holidays and a good year ahead!