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The beginnings, Akibagahara,

Akihabara should be a rather familiar location with everyone by now. The heaven for all Otakus did not start out with how it is currently.

The area was a lively part of Edo city, being the northern gate. However, it was burnt to the ground by a massive fire (Taika). The Japanese decided then that they would replace the area with the Chinkasha shrine(Fire Extinguisher Shrine), later known as the Akiba Shrine. Akiba is also the name of the deity that could control fire, the whole area thus was named after the deity. Becoming Akibagahara and later shortened to Akihabara.

In 1890, with the opening of Akihabara station as the transportation hub, the area became more of a market city. Then with a rising trend of individuals selling radio and radio parts, Akihabara evolved slowly into a market of all different kinds of electrical appliances. That is how everyone’s favourite Electric Town, Akihabara, came to be.

Following World War II and the Japan’s defeat, people were scrambling for food and daily necessities. The more industrious started businesses to support themselves, forming a black market in the heart of Akihabara. The market had then thrived due to the weak government, becoming a centre of entrepreneurship which continued to today.

Since many of you have made your trip to Akihabara, you definitely have some memories taken down with your cameras right?

Where is your favourite spot to take a picture in Akihabara?