2016 is now over, and the year featured plenty of notable titles.

However, sometimes, big names tended to overshadow a few gems. We’ve picked out four titles, one for each season, that were underrated and constantly lived in the shadows of those big names from their respective seasons.

Winter 2016: Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R

Winter 2016 was filled with plenty of huge names, including Snow White with the Red Hair 2, KonoSuba, Dagashi Kashi, Assassination Classroom 2, and ERASED. So naturally, many anime were quite overshadowed. This includes a certain magical girl anime titled “Nurse With Komugi-chan R“, a spin-off of the original Nurse Witch Komugi OVAs.

Now, the anime looks like your run-of-the-mill magical girl anime, but in reality, it’s a parody anime. The series lampoons several tropes in the anime industry, as well as a few specific series.  The anime is fun to watch with lots of laughs in it, so that is why I picked this for winter.

Spring 2016: Bakuon!!

Ahhhhhh spring.

The season introduces several significant titles, including Macross Delta, Sakamoto Desu Ga?, and of course, Re:Zero. Just Re:Zero alone is enough to overshadow the entire season when it comes to popularity. Of course, it also overshadowed a certain anime titled “Bakuon!!“.

If you’re into motorbikes, the anime is for you. The anime follows a group of high school motorbike enthusiasts, and it is pretty informative and quite hilarious as well.

Summer 2016: Amanchu!

From the mangaka who brought us Aria comes this relaxing and heartwarming anime about scuba diving. Amanchu! is a great fit for summer, providing an excellent and lighthearted contrast for some of the season’s anime with much heavier stories like Orange, 91 Days, Berserk, and Danganronpa 3.

Fall 2016: The Great Passage

The Great Passage” follows a publishing firm’s dictionary editorial team as they try to publish a new dictionary. While the anime received much love in Japan, the series didn’t go over as much as the fans abroad. The anime remains one of 2016’s biggest gems, providing a great story with relocatable and lovable characters.

 There are plenty of other great but underrated anime from last year, but we only named four. So, what anime do you think is also underrated? Do tell us in the comments below!