At Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016, we managed to interview Wake Up, Girls! (WUG).

The adorable and charismatic voice actress unit debuted in 2014 with the movie “Wake Up, Girls! Shichi-nin no Idol”. They continued making their mark with the anime “Wake Up, Girls!” followed by the two movies “Seishun no Kage” and “Beyond the Bottom”.

And recently, WUG collaborated with the anime “Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume” to perform the ending theme song “Bokura no Frontier”, a song performed at the concert.

Here is a little review of the setlist sang at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 16’s I Love Anisong Concert:

A little bit of the interview,

We asked the cast of Wake Up, Girls! regarding some new nicknames that they would like to call each other. Some of you might not know, but these girls had nicknames for themselves ever since their debut.

Mayu’s nickname is Mayushi, Airi’s is Aichan, Minami’s is Minyami, Yoshino’s is Yoppi, Nanami’s is Nanamin, Kaya’s is Kayatan and Miyu’s is Myuchan.

Wouldn’t it be fun if they could pick another nickname for each other again?

“Where should I visit or what can I eat when I go to Japan?”


The girls from WUG gathered from different prefectures of Japan to form Wake Up, Girls!. We asked them what interesting things can be found back in their hometowns.

Yoppi is from Kumamoto, Kyushu, where she recommends visiting the Kumamoto Castle and having raw horse meat. Yoppi also says that even for people who do not like raw meat, it is something worthwhile trying!

Nanamin was born in Tokushima, Shikoku, where it is famous for the “Awa-Odori”, Awa Dance Festival. The festival has a very long history and culture behind it and is held during the summer every year.

Kayatan is from Iwate, Tohoku. She recommends visiting the “Ishiwarizakura”, The Rock-Splitting Cherry Tree. The name origins from a lightning which struck a boulder, splitting it and a Cherry blossom tree grew from the crack. The tree is now approximately 400-years old and is a favorite tourist spot for many who visit Iwate.

Aichan grew up in Sendai, the hometown to Wake Up, Girls!. There are many places which are featured in the anime and maybe you can check this article out for more details.

Mayushi was born in Osaka, where she says the place is well-known for the middle-aged women who always carry candies with them “Osaka no Obachan”. If you were to catch a conversation with any of them, they will definitely give you a sweet!

Minyami and Myu come from the places close to Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba. Minyami recommends everyone to visit Kamakura city, where food is delicious and the scenery for all four seasons are beautiful. On the other hand, Myuchan recommends Kujuukuri, a spot famous for its beach and Shiohigari (Clam Hunting).

We also asked them one more question regarding the animals that would represent each of them, but why not check out the rest of the interview yourselves!