HOME MADE KAZOKU – Home is Family.

HOME MADE KAZOKU comprised of MICRO, KURO, and U-ICHI was officially formed in 1996. They had been making music from 2001-2003 breaking Japan’s night club scene with their songs. They struck gold when they signed on with a major label in 2004 and released their hit song “Thank You!!” in 2005.

Since then, they have carried on with their music often collaborating with some of the top Japanese music artists such as Abingdon Boys School, FLOW, to name a few. They have also joined the ranks of the long list of anisong singers when they sang “Thank You!” ( 2nd ending theme) for BLEACH ,“Shounen Heart” (2nd opening theme) for Eureka Seven, and “Nagareboshi Shooting Star” (1st ending theme) , “FREEDOM” (17th ending theme) , “NO RAIN NO RAINBOW” (Movie) for Naruto: Shippūden.

In their first appearance (and hopefully not the last) at AFA Singapore 2016, members MC MICRO, MC KURO, and DJ U-ICHI from the famed HOME MADE KAZOKU had a one-on-one interview with us.

We kicked off by asking about their first impressions of Singapore and talked nonchalantly about the music that captivated their hearts, but most of all their plans when they go on hiatus!

Here’s a glimpse of what happened:

Q1  What’s that special song that HOME MADE KAZOKU holds dearly?

MICRO:  Our new song   “Tsunaide ikou” (つないでいこう” ) from our latest album, LAST FOREVER BEST -Mirai e to Tsunagu FAMILY SELECTION-, which was released on 30 November 2016. Finally at this point in our career, we were able to create a song about family. ( Edit. During the AFASG16 concert, MICRO explained the significance of the song.)

The song symbolizes that there are moments in our lives when the tough gets going and we need to overcome to rise to the occasion and face these troubles head on. We are not alone in this life, we have friends and family to rely on.

Each one of us is a family and we are all connected by love.

Q2 What do you think is HOME MADE KAZOKU’s style?

KURO: First of all, our characters.

We have a very tall DJ (U-ICHI) and we have a slightly built yet someone with a big heart (MC) MICRO and the very average (MC) KURO. (I think) This is quite advantageous for us.We’re all quite different but we blend well together. This can be seen in our harmony/tone and even in our stage performances.

There’s nobody like us. This is like our quirk.  That’s our passion – being HOME MADE KAZOKU.

Watch this space for more of  AFASG16 I Love Anisong artistes interviews.