With a lot of idol groups popping up all over Japan, one won’t be surprised if there are some really weird ones appearing. Japan really loves idols, and there is actually an all-foreigner male idol group in the country called “Guyjin 48”. The name of course is a play on the word Guy for “guy” and Gaijin, which usually means foreigner… and 48 which is synonymous with idols in Japan because of AKB48.

The group actually bills itself as “Japan’s first all male idol band consisting entirely of foreign students”. The group hopes to ” bring international understanding and culture to its fans.” According to their official Facebook page:

Guy人48(Guyjin48) is Japan’s first all male idol band consisting entirely of foreign students of all nationalities studying in Japan. Our goal is to bring people together, to promote language exchange, and to create an environment that will further allow foreign students to become proficient in Japanese and eventually stay and work in Japan. Through concerts and events we aim to provide a platform for students and native Japanese speakers to meet, and through our website you will be able to follow the progress of your favorite members and learn Japanese language and culture alongside them.

The groups members range from countries like the U.S., France, and China, and they are all foreign students. The group is currently looking for more members, and their only requirement is for you to be non-Japanese and studying in Japan. There’s even an application form in their official website.

Now then, I wonder if a few male friends of mine studying in Japan are interested…

source: Crunchyroll