1st January may be over, but it’s still not too late to fulfill that New Year’s Resolution to lose weight! And you can do it anime-style thanks to A-fit Team’s new Anisong fitness routine. In their very first video, they show you how to exercise to the beat of one of the greatest Anisong of all time, Cruel Angel’s Thesis!

The video stars Gou Takahashi, the younger brother of Cruel Angel’s Thesis singer, Yoko Takahashi. The video also stars Yakko, Aikatsu seiyuu, Yuuki Takada, and the team’s anime mascot character, Sakura Asahina. Each song routine is also broken into 12 different parts, and Tokyo MX is airing them every Wednesday.

But if you really want a more intense workout and continue that New Year’s resolution of getting fit, an official Anisong Fitness website has also been opened, and you can check out their routines from there.