We had the great opportunity to have a video interview with the Anisong songstress, Konomi Suzuki, or more casually known as Konomin. Hopefully, with this, we can share with you even more about this amazing ani-song singer!

Energetic FUN!

Konomi was bubbly and energetic throughout the entire interview, it was a joy interviewing her. We can only hope she felt the same having this session with us. After all, this youthful girl, have only just turned 20 recently in November. But Konomi has already almost 5 years of experience, having won the Animax Grand Prix in 2011 and debuting in 2012.

Her discography includes 11 singles, with some being utilised on popular anime titles, for example, RE:Zero, Absolute Duo, No Game No Life and more! Her 12th single, Chaos Syndrome, will be the ending theme to the highly anticipated Chaos;Child.

But did you know, when Konomi was young, she use to be a shy girl? So to build up her confidence, Konomi’s mother sent her to singing and dancing lessons. It would be hard to imagine that, that was the case, looking at her now, right?

Before ending the interview, she even gave us her tested and proven methods for balancing work and studies. Doing all this while also finding the motivation in life. If you want to get that good advice, you better check out the video below!