Gosho Aoyama’s Detective Conan manga has teamed up with Japanese tea brand, Karel Capek, for a special collaboration. The tea shop, named after Czech writer Karel Čapek, has already released their Conan-inspired  “Color Trick Tea”. They also previously released the Shinichi and Ran-themed “Ran’s Lemon Pie Tea.”

Now, their latest addition gets its inspiration from Conan’s own rival, Kaito Kid. The slippery magician gets his own flavor called  Kaito Kid “Night Earl Grey” tea.

The tea is a special blend of Earl Grey black tea and Dimbra tea. It will come in its own can, which will contain eight tea bags. They will be selling the tea as part of a set, which also includes a special Kaito kid mug. They will be releasing the tea set by the end of February 2017.

As for the artwork, the shop’s owner, Utako Yamada, drew the illustration herself. Aside from being the owner of the shop, she is also a storybook author for children.

Source: Carel Capek official